Marina Grand FAQs

Do I have to buy a Yacht to buy an apartment?

No it is not compulsory to buy a boat. You can buy an apartment unit and be a Yacht Club member to enjoy boat charter services.

Are the studio apartments fully furnished?

Yes. The studio apartments are completely furnished.

Is Marina Grand a weekend home?

Marina Grand is a luxurious retreat. However it is so close to the Kolkata City Centre (5 kms from New Bridge Toll Booth) that it impossible to classify it as a second home.

Can these apartments be rented out?

The Studio Apartments which are furnished like a 7 Star luxury hotel room, can be rented out for short term and extended stays. We take care and manage the room and pay you an annuity. The bigger apartments can be also rented out if they have been furnished by the buyer.

How does one become a Yacht Club member?

All apartment owners are privileged to become a member of the prestigious Yacht Club at a severely discounted fee.

How do we buy a boat?

Our Yacht and Boat retail division Marine Solutions East, can assist you in buying a boat which suits your needs. We deal with the world’s leading brands which guarantee you products which are world class and offer you an unmatched experience. Modern navigation and control systems give you the feel of driving a top of the line luxury vehicle.

Who provides service to the boat?

When we sell you a boat, we provide all after sales support, we help you with documentation and launch the boat in water.

Can I charter the boats I own?

Yes you can charter the boats you own. Majority of the revenue is given to the boat owner.

Can a group of persons jointly own a luxury Yacht?

Yes, fractal ownership is possible. This is a proven world wide trend. As use of Yachts are limited in a year, it is wise to jointly own it with friends and known acquaintances.

How do I get trained crew?

Kolkata has a historic maritime culture. There is plenty of trained manpower available. We would help you hire the same. We will also train them so that they have a valid papers to take care of your boat.

Can the boat owner also drive?

Of Course. Globally it’s become a life long passion for both men and woman. We can help you get trained at Royal Yacht School in the UK.

How does the Marina function?

The Marina charges you a nominal parking fee for the boats depending on the length of the boat. It may choose to sell you a parking berth if approved by the Board of Directors. The Marina provides you with all facilities like fuel, fresh water, navigation control room etc. to make your yachting experience pleasurable.