About Us

Marina Infra Projects is a company that specializes in waterfront development. Waterfront development in the real sense is a relatively new concept in India. The edge between the water and land has the potential for marinas, ecological reserves, lively public spaces, shops, and other water-land activities.




Mr. Samir Prasad    Mr. Baleysh Maloo 

Marina Infra Projects has a team with decades of international experience.

We have come to understand the ‘grand picture’ of waterfront development worldwide, and have created a method of breaking down the waterfront development process into universal, manageable pieces, while maintaining a place for variation and uniqueness.


Our mission is to transform these Indian waterfronts into world class developments which take into account ecological sensitivity while using design and technological innovations to create nouveau experiences.


Our vision is to be the number one waterfront development company in India with over 10 million square of real estate foot print by 2018.